Vision & Mission

Our Vision
At Saraswati collage we believe that each pupil teacher is special and has the potential to excel in many different ways. We impart formal education with a difference even as we work within the constraints of a traditional university system. Through carefully crafted interaction and activities within and outside the classroom, we provide experiences that help the pupil teacher discover innate capabilities, set life-long goals and proactively work towards their fulfillment.

Our Mission
The Saraswati Child Siksha Simiti envisions an ambience of excellence, inspiring value based education, research and development.
  • Train students with world class competencies and cutting edge proficiency to face challenges of global markets with confidence.
  • Create through Research & Development, disseminate and help apply state of the art technologies and practices to social problems.
  • Built top of the line faculty through appropriate human resource policies.
  • Create effective interface with industries, business and community to make education responsive to changes.
Why Choose Saraswati College of Education?
Saraswati College of Education is committed to deliver quality education with balanced approach to theoretical and experimental learning. The ambience the group institutions provide helps students to develop their full potential and mature into fully functional professionals and responsible members of the society. The learning experience at the campus equips the graduates with an ability to cope effectively with the demands and challenges of a continuously changing world of business and industry.
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